Ahem! This is one of the first pages I ever coded myself! Sorry for the sloppiness, LOL. Most of these pictures are from Ebay Listings, oops. Gifs from Giphy.

I've loved Barbie dolls for as long as I can remember! When I grew out of playing with them, I stopped collecting for a long time, but I really enjoy collecting Barbie (as well as other dolls and toys) now that I'm grown up!

My First Barbie

I'm pretty sure my first Barbie was Beach Blast Barbie (1989), pictured below. She came with a hair clip that you could wear, and the "hair" attached would turn pink in the sun!

My collection

Barbie dolls I currently own. Hover for info. Click for a closer look.

Barbie Fun Facts:

Personal Favorites

My favorites tend to be from the 80s and 90s, probably because that's what I grew up playing with!

In no order:

Mermaid Skipper and the Sea Twins (1993)
I love her purple, anime-esque eyes, her red lips, pearl earrings, and that crimped hair!

California Midge (1987)
Her green eyes, pouty lips, and those freckles! Not a big fan of her outfit though.

Tropical Miko (1985)
I think I might've actually had Miko before I got Beach Blast Barbie! She has such a sweet face, and I love her long, black hair!

Wedding Day Midge (1990)
It's all about that dress!

Pink 'N Pretty Christie (1981)
I don't really know, I just love her! What can I say? I love the pouty-lipped "Steffie"(?) face mold.

Hollywood Hair Barbie (1992)
I had this Barbie, and loved her so much!