Welcome to Weed Pizza, my vanity project personal homepage. This website is here because I discovered Neocities in 2019 (I wish I could rememeber exactly how I stumbled upon it!). I began browsing through sites on Neocities, and I loved what I saw! I saw people being creative and expressing themselves! It was reminiscent of the good old days of the early-2000s!

I'm definitely prematurely premiering this new version of Weed Pizza, but I just couldn't deal with having that "BRB" message up on my index page any longer! I'm working on another new layout because I don't like this one either!! >:o(

There have been many iterations of this project of mine. I'm sure I've annoyed lots of people by changing my name/URL a stupid amount of times (I'm insane)! I apologize... What can I say? I'm an absolute madman! But seriously, I'm actually very sorry!