Welcome to Ladytron, my vanity project personal homepage. Here you'll find lots of information about me... More than you ever wanted or needed!

This is very much a nostalgia-based project. It's kind of like the website I wish I could've made as a teen, but for myself now, as an adult (albeit a rather immature one, haha!). I'm not all that creative, but I am sort of artistic, and it makes me feel good to express myself through this website.

This is my first pop-up layout! And I'm proud to say that it is pretty much all hand-coded!

There have been many iterations of this project. I'm sure I've annoyed lots of people by changing my name/URL a stupid amount of times (I'm insane)! I apologize... What can I say? I'm an absolute madman, I know! I'm really sorry for all the broken links, etc. and I promise I'm done with the name changes! I'm sticking with Ladytron from now on!

Anyway, thanks for visiting my silly little website, I hope you enjoy your time here. Guestbook coming soon (maybe).