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Welcome to Ladytron, my vanity project personal homepage. Here you'll find lots of information about me... More than you ever wanted or needed!

This is very much a nostalgia-based project. It's kind of like the website I wish I could've made as a teen, but for myself now, as an adult (albeit a rather immature one, ha!). I'm not all that creative, but I am sort of artistic, and it makes me feel good to express myself with this website.

There have been many iterations of this project. I'm sure I've annoyed lots of people by changing my name/URL a stupid amount of times (I'm insane)! I apologize... What can I say? I'm an absolute madman, I know! I'm really sorry for all the broken links, etc. and I promise I'm done with the name changes! I'm sticking with Ladytron from now on!

Anyway, thanks for visiting my silly little website, I hope you enjoy your time here. Guestbook coming soon (maybe).