This is where I will showcase my cats, past and present. I've had other animals as pets too, but I thought I'd keep it to just the cats, at least for now!

Name: Zo&
Nicknames: Zozo, Zo-zums, Chunky Monkey, Beauty Girl, etc.
Dates: Adopted 2/13/18
Age: ~10 years
Color/pattern: Gray striped
Weight: ~15 lbs.
Favorite thing: Wool blanket

Zoë is my little companion! We adopted her in January of 2018, and she had a lot of anxiety at first, but she's really warmed up to us. I'm so glad! She's very playful and kind of sweet (sometimes). She's very beautiful, but also very weird!? I love her so much though! She's such a beauty, I should really take more pictures of her! For now, here's a bonus pic. She wears a red Liverpool FC collar (her Papa's favorite team).

Name: Dr. Fauci
Nicknames: Fauch, Munchkin, Chicken Nugget, etc.
Dates: Adopted 4/20/20
Age: ~4 years
Sex: male
Color/pattern: Ginger striped
Weight: 12 lbs.
Favorite thing: Ribbon wand

Fauci is not actually my cat, but my mom's! But I love him! He's her "pandemic pet," that she adopted in April of 2020. He's actually missing a leg, but he does just fine getting around without it! He's a beautiful ginger color with freckles on his lips that you can see when he yawns - so cute! He wears a teal plaid bowtie.

The babies below have all crossed the rainbow bridge (passed away)...

Name: Edwin
Nicknames: Eddie Spaghetti, Big Eyes, Tommy Alfredo, etc.
Dates: Adopted 8/12/11, passed away 4/30/19
Age: ~19 years.
Sex: male
Color/pattern: Brown striped
Weight: 19 lbs.
Favorite thing: Sleeping right between Mama & Papa's pillows

Eddie was such a really special cat! He was the sweetest, most docile kitty ever! His ear was folded over after he had surgery on a hematoma, giving him that distinctive look. And his eyes were so big and green! He was our best friend, and a true prince! I'll never forget him! I love you, Eddie!

Name: Luna
Nicknames: Lulu, Tiny Paw, Diva, etc.
Dates: Adopted Summer 1995, passed away 1/25/11
Age: 20+ years.
Sex: female
Color/pattern: Tuxedo (black & white)
Weight: 8 lbs.
Favorite thing: Yarn

My family adopted Luna in the Summer of 1995. We said goodbye in 2010. She was very old - well over 20(!) years. I named her after Usagi's cat in Sailor Moon, with which I was obsessed. I'll never forget the time she crawled over my shoulder and took a bite out of my turkey sandwich, leaving a perfect little bite-mark in it. Hahaha! I love you, Luna!

My very first cat was Kitsy, but I don't have any photos of her on my computer because that's how long ago this was... We must've adopted her in 1989 or so. I remember a lady from my neighborhood coming to our door and asking if we'd like to adopt a cat named Kissy. At the time, I thought that was a stupid name, so I proposed we call her Kitsy instead. She passed away in the Summer of 1995, before we adopted Luna. I don't remember many specifics about her, but she was a sweet girl. I love you, Kitsy!