About This & Past Sites

This ain't my first rodeo on the world wide web...


This Neocities site has been through a lot of changes, including many name changes, but I already gave a little schpiel about that on the main page, so I won't repeat myself...

There have also been a lot of layout changes, but I'm not going to post screenshots because I'm embarrassed! LOL

Geocities, etc.

My very first website was on Geocities or something similar (Angelfire, I think). It was called Rocker Grrrl (LOL), and I don't remember a whole lot about it, but it was pretty much standard for a teen girl at that time. I know I had a San-X Tarepanda layout at one point. I remember having horoscopes loosely based on people I knew, as well as a "Hotties" page where I'd put images of my celebrity crushes (mostly Damon Albarn!).

Then I had another short-lived personal site Rainbow Carnage, the title being a reference to my favorite movie musical at the time, Hedwig & the Angry Inch. I don't really care for the film much anymore (didn't age well/I'm a snob), but I still adore the soundtrack (though I admit I haven't listened to it in ages) and I've seen it live on stage a number of times as well. Anyway, I'm getting off-topic...

For better or worse, I believe those old sites of mine are long gone. It would be cringe-y as fuck, but I kind of wish I could see 'em again just for shits 'n' giggles. That being said, please do not go invoking whatever internet magic you have to go finding those things. I would be mortified!